Island Chatter

Towne Harbour Island ~Winter 2017~



Date: Tuesday, January 16

Location: Holiday Harbour Club House

Time: 7 pm


Happy Winter Wonderland!

Snow Removal

The Towne Harbour snowplow contractor is Karl Housel. If you have any concerns regarding snow removal, please contact the Kenrick Service Coordinator, Barry Smith, at 424-1540. This is a process we have put in place so that any concerns can be tracked in the main office. Michelle Alvaro will then follow-up with the Board of Directors.

THI Entrance

THANK YOU to Sue for the thoughtful gesture in decorating our entrance with the beautiful wreaths.

An email was sent to us on Nov 22 with approved minutes and associated materials from the THI October Board Meeting.

If you missed that email here is another copy. You can click below this message to download the PDF that was sent to us.

THI Website

We are working on the new and improved Towne Harbour Website .....details coming soon!

A Message from the Building Committee

2018 Maintenance Projects

First maintenance and painting project for 2018 will be Building #33/35. This building was scheduled to be completed in 2017, but projects in 2017 were larger than expected. In 2018 there will be a focus on catching up with the large backlog of maintenance requests. Additional exterior repairs will be based on severity of the problems and needs. The 2018 maintenance committee will continue the great progress on maintaining the THI buildings.


Holiday Party

The Annual Holiday Party on December 2 at Karen and Mike Serinis' home. Thank you for hosting Karen and Mike. All the food was amazing and company was even better. It was so much fun!

Fall Chili-Stravaganza

What a response to the Progressive Chili Cook-off! We had 24 participants, five chili stops, and a sixth/final stop for dessert and ballots. The tour of each our homes was unexpected and bonus. Each were so classy and different, just like our chili recipes.

Thank you to Marilyn Cushman who organized the groups. These were the groups:


Group members:

  • Russ Young (serving at #8 at 5pm)
  • Tammy Franz (serving at #13 at 5:45pm)
  • Judy Miller (serving at #48 at 6:30pm)
  • Pete Gresh (serving at #44 at 7:15pm)
  • Deb Martin, group leader (serving at #30 at 8pm)
  • George Cushman (dessert/ballots at #34 at 8:45pm)
  • Kay & John Johnston (providing beverages for #8)
  • Gail & Tom Shirmer (providing beverages for #44)
  • Ivette & Bill Shaheen (providing beverages with Wenks for #48)


Group members:

  • Doug Merrill, group leader (serving at #30 at 5pm)
  • Moe Young (serving at #8 at 5:45pm)
  • Marcus Franz (serving at #13 at 6:30pm)
  • Brian Miller (serving at #48 at 7:15pm)
  • Sue Gresh (serving at #44 at 8pm)
  • Marilyn Cushman (dessert/ballots at #34 at 8:45pm)
  • Donna & Pete Greene (providing beverages for #34)
  • Pattie & Jeremy Steele-Perkins (providing beverages for #30)
  • Donna & Kevin Wenk (providing beverages with Shaheens for #48)

......and the WINNERS are Deb Martin and Doug Merrill! Congrats!

Sue Gresh shopped for the best price and got us some chairs and settee’s for everyone’s pleasure. A great addition to our Island.

Thank you! Thank you!
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A Friendly Reminder to all Owners from The Board of Directors

In community living, as at Towne Harbour, it is important that we consider our neighbors and their enjoyment of their home as we enjoy our home. Toward this end, it is important that all residents respect the Rules and Regulations of THI, as they are designed to ensure the quality of life for all.

Service requests should be mailed to the Kenrick office, with requests reviewed and prioritized. Complaints and concerns should be directed to Michelle Alvaro at 585-424-1540 or emailed to, so they can be addressed.

TOWNE HARBOUR ISLAND (Private Community)

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” John Donne

2017-18 Board and Committee Chairs


Deb Martin. President

Dave Dillon. Vice-President

Brian Miller

Marcus Franz

Marie Merenda

Karen Serinis. Secretary

Russ Young. Treasurer


Architecture Committee. Doug Merrill

Building Committee. Jerry Urlaub

Dock Committee. Mike Feldmeyer

Landscape Committee. Delia Kern and Karen Serenis

Social Committee. Moe Young

Newsletter created by Tammy Franz

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