Benefits of Instagram

Not only your friends or family are on Instagram.

Expanding your horizon

Have you ever felt so frustrated with the same food and services in your area? At the same time, you do not have time to be wasting time or money on services that leave you with utter disgust. So, what is one left to do? There are the options of consulting a friend or even Yelp. But, have you ever thought about the app right on your phone called Instagram?

Trusting Strangers

Credibility is the most important factor when one is being introduced to a new service. One would want to be convinced as to why they should be using the service being presented. It is evident that one wants to go to the service that has the most recommendations. How do these recommendations get accomplished? The answer to that is by people recommending it to their friend who then recommends it to their sister who then follows the business' page on Instagram and posts about how "these are the best cupcakes I've ever had!". Some stranger whom is exploring through Instagram comes across a local cupcake bakery that this certain woman is giving great reviews about. Can you guess where this person will be going for their next cupcake?

Making New Experiences

It's a week before New Year's Eve and you are awaiting the big night that you and your girlfriends have been planning for such a long time. Every detail is ready for the upcoming party except for one important detail. Your eyebrows are ridiculously furry! Eyebrows at this time and date can either break or make a person. Where can you find an esthetician at the last minutes whom you can trust with your eyebrows? All the answers can be found on Instagram! After you face your fears and trust your face with a stranger and get great results, everyone will be asking where you got your eyebrows done. Then you can enjoy your night stress-free. Just creating new memories. You can find anything your heart desires.

Fuller Pockets

Unless you're a rich kid with your parents supplying you with endless money, you're then looking on ways to save money. Money is tight with all the one hundred other bills you have to pay. At the same time, one has to treat themselves. Getting your nails done, eyebrows done, and hair done all adds to be expensive. That is the case if you're looking at corporate business and big names that only care about the money, Most services you find on Instagram are smaller business that charge you much less because they actually care of the service that they are giving you. At the end of the day, you will have fatter wallets.

Download It!

After you have read these reasons as to why Instagram is more than just useful for following the cute guy in your Chemistry class. You can gain new ideas, experiences, and save yourself some money! It'll benefit you.


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