Muhammad ali


About Muhammad ali.

Was born in Jan 17 1942, with his first name Cassius clay.His religion was Muslim. And his race is black. how this great boxers story beginnings is with a stolen bike and a police officer.At the age of 12 Ali got his bike stolen from some one. So he called the police, when they got there Ali said he wanted to beat up the thief .The officer(Joe Martin) said "you beater learn to fight before you start challenging people" .And it turns out that Joe ran a gym where he trained young boxers how to fight.And that is how Ali's career begins.

Muhammad Ali family.

His dad Marcella clay (sign painter, piano player)

His Mom Odessa Grady (maid)

And his daughter Leila ail (pro boxer champion)

And not to mention Ail had 3 wife's. Two divorced.

Muhammad ali "The Greatest"

Muhammad Ali timeline.

Born in Jan,17,1942 Louisville Kentucky.

1960~ won light/heavy weight in Rome.

1964~25 Feb K,O sonny Liston.

1967~inducted to military but refused.

1971~ lost to Joe Frazier.

1974~ K,O George Forman.

1978~lost to Leon Spinks.

1979~Ail retired.

1981~lost comeback to Trevor Berbick.

1996~Lit Olympic flame in Atlanta.

To be continued.

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of all Time


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