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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Growing Our Faith

We all have experiences in planting seeds, watering, and caring for them into plants, and expecting and enjoying the bountiful harvest. Due to so many different factors: rain, soil, care, many times these plants bring different results that we may not expect...and we never know quite why.

The readings for today use the analogy of farming and sowing seeds to talk about how the teachings of God and Jesus, His Son, impacts us as followers. God uses this everyday experience to teach us to reflect on God's love, and live our lives through faith.

Just as our plants make us question our ways, God must look at mankind, the crowning glory of His creation and, like a good Father, wonders "What did I miss?" or "How bountiful is their faith!"

Mass Readings for July 12: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the First Reading, from Isaiah 55:10-11 we hear the prophet preaching about the word of God coming like spring rain to soften the soil so that the seeds can grow. However, the people of Isaiah's time did not listen to the word of God. They turned away from Him and ignored His word. This led directly to the Babylonian Exile — God's way of punishing His “Chosen People” for their lack of fidelity. Through this reading, reflect on our own practices: When was the last time you read Bible with your family or catechism to better understand what God might be asking of you, or saying to you?

The Second Reading is from St. Paul's Letter to the Romans 8:18-23. In this passage, Paul is saying that we, human creatures of God, are much like those seedlings. We are planted here on earth, not in a random scattering, but in a divinely ordered plan with great expectations. Our hope is that all creation will share in the glory destined for those who fulfill their role.

The Gospel Reading is from Matthew 13:1-23. In this passage, Jesus summarizes all of the readings above with a parable of a clear message. The word of God is like a seed sown with the expectation of reaping a good harvest that is guiding mankind to live according to the teachings of God and the Church. Our heart and mind, soul and body, entire being, is like the soil.

Are we really listening, absorbing, and following through with what God is telling us? Could this be God's way of getting our attention to return to Him with all our heart? This is something to think about during family prayer time this week!

Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, July 12

Translated in English and Spanish

Parables of Jesus: Parable of the Sower
The Parable Of The Sower | English | Parables Of Jesus | Episode 3

Activities for Family

Experiencing the Gospel!

As Jesus explained in the Parable of the Sower, seeds fall on different kinds of land. This represents different followers of God. With your children, act out and experience this Gospel message!

Use this link to read this parable with your child, using this simple text and pictures to help young children understand Jesus' message:

Then, gather the following supplies, as shown in the picture to the right: legos, rocks, thorns, and soil. Walk your children through this story by throwing seeds in the different areas using these materials as you explain:

  • Arrange the legos as a road. The road has no room for the seeds to take root.
  • The rocks are hard and make it difficult for seeds to grow.
  • The pointy sides of thorns will cause the plants to get choked.
  • Good soil will always allow for plants to grow easily.

The chart below can help explain different faith followers. Encourage children to strive to act as the "good soil," understanding, practicing and modeling God's Word.

Big picture

Uplift Video of the Week!

Friends Reunited...Finally!

After being in quarantine for months, these friends were finally reunited! And they celebrated with a dance!

Living in France, these 10 year old girls have been dancing together since they were only 1 years old. Through their smiles and dancing, their excitement and celebration of being reunited together is pure joy!

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