Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- January 19, 2018

Thank You!

We have had an amazing year so far, and I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite years of teaching. You have raised some amazing kiddos who bring me laughs each and everyday. I have learned so many new this this year from your children!

Thank you for being supportive of what we do here at school everyday and for trusting me! I can't wait to see what the next few months of learning will bring!! :)

Week at a Glance

Reading- Next week we will begin our biography unit!

Math- We are continuing with unit 4, measurement. We've had some awesome hands-on lessons with measuring mass!

Science- Our math from Unit 4 has greatly tied into science by measuring mass and talking about the difference between mass and weight. (whew-this is hard to explain to 3rd graders!)

Social Studies- Today we discussed taxes. Next week we will begin paying property, income and sales tax! We talked about the difference between these today.

Writing- We are continuing with our informational writing unit. This week we learned that writers are teachers. We practiced teaching each other about topics we're experts on.

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"Campus Trip" to the high school

On Wednesday, Jan. 24th we will be taking a trip to the high school to work with Mr. Schoch's business class. Before winter break, his class came over and interviewed our students about toys they like and their interests. Based on our students interests/wants, his students have put together several toys for a project. On Wednesday we have the opportunity to go to the high school, try out their games, and vote on our favorite!

He will also draw a name for each toy and our students will have a chance to win their favorite.

Snack Time

We have many students who are forgetting to bring a snack to school each day. Please be sure to send in a snack with your child, as the office doesn't always have extras.

If you'd like to send in extra snacks for those who don't have one, please do. :)

If you're wondering why I haven't included pictures it's because of the dreaded, "storage almost full," message on the iPhone. Pics to come next week! :)