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Tyra's personal feeling of the Company

Hi! My name is Tyra Tan and I am one of the first workers of this company since 1901. I am co-leaders with Bick who is anonymous to the public. I was also one of the people who help make this business come to life. This company started with a group of friends who were still in school learning. I knew since the beginning that this is the team I wanted to work with.This friendship of ours made us and our other coworkers very successful and that just exceeded expectations. AdHelp is an advertisement company and I have to say I love my job! I have been making ads for as long as I can remember. This company is very unique for we are free to do our own jobs in our own easy way. Our workers are all creative and enthusiastic for their work. Our goal is to give our clients to best ads that will inspire people who see them. I am positive that everyone and anyone you work with in this company will give you a positive outcome to your business. I present to you our company, AdHelp.



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