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[INTERACTIVE SESSION] End of Day 1 Interview w/ Scatter Their Own


WHERE: DCPS - Evie Dennis Campus 4800 Telluride Street, Denver, CO 80249

As day 1 comes to a close, recent #pennlakota15 research team member and University of Pennsylvania's @Joe_Mazza will interview Scatter Their Own's Scotti Clifford and Juliana Brown Eyes on life and education on the reservation, their work in schools, and how schools can best support each other in a Future Ready way moving forward. Once the interview concludes, a LIVE performance will take place over at the Denver Marriott Gateway (as detailed below) less than 2 miles away.

Scatter Their Own: Taste The Time [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Special LIVE Performance at #FutureReady Denver

From the Badlands of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, comes the Husband & Wife Alternative Rock Duo, Scatter Their Own. The band pays tribute to their Native American ancestry by carrying the name, Scatter Their Own. Historically the translated English phrase, "To scatter one's own," was attached to the Oglala Lakota people in efforts to relocate and take attention away from their spiritual homelands. But like most situations of the era, the interpretation of the word Oglala was incorrect. The true meaning of Oglala is "Take me back home," which refers to the stolen Black Hills of South Dakota. As an act of reclaiming their identity, Scatter Their Own has taken their name to raise awareness about issues and relationships close to their hearts. They flipped the phrase upside down and now use it to their benefit, positively scattering their perspectives, love, beauty, and art across the world.

Formed in 2011, the band has traveled from Canada to Texas, California to New York City, scattering their own music to all nations in all directions. Scotti Clifford (Guitarist and Vocalist) and Juliana Brown Eyes (Bassist and Vocalist) were a couple first, but before too long had realized after dabbling with instruments and playing songs together into the night, they should start a band. Occasionally joined by their children on the Drums and Harmony, it becomes a family effort. Their children, Scotti Jr. (Drums) and Wahpe (Vocalist), began to delve into their parents' love of music at the tender ages of 11 and 8. They soon began performing professionally alongside their parents across North America.

Scatter Their Own Perform LIVE at the Denver Airport Marriott

Thursday, June 11th, 4pm

16455 E 40th Cir

Aurora, CO

Scatter Their Own will perform a set of music they've written about their relationships with earth and each other. Scotti and Juliana feel that there are three strengths that connect them all in efforts of understanding a common mutual goal for humanity; 1) communication 2) education 3) relation. How we can master these will determine the progress of our journey as a unified human race. The band's music reflects these age-old Lakota concepts.


Scatter Their Own - "Earth & Sky" - LIVE Acoustic Performance