Bell p-39 airacobra aircraft

By: manny Escareno

The primary users

The primary users for the p-39 were the United States Army air forces, soviet Air Force, Royal Air Force,French Air Force. They-39 airacobra was a good airplane fighter because of the speed and the armament it had.

Weapons the p-39 carried.

The complete armament fit consisted of the t9 cannon with a pair of browning m2.50 caliber (12.7) machine guns mounted in the nose. The maximum seeped for the the bell p-39 was 386 mph (621 Khmer; 355 kts).

The riders of the p-39 airacobra.

Lieutenant Ivanovich baranovsky was an experienced and decorated pilot. It is assumed he was knocked unconscious and flew the aircraft in the lake. Lt. Baranovsky was one of the few to fly the bell p-39 airacobra. The first fly test for the p-39 was on April 6, 1939 with test pilot James Taylor, it was introduced in 1941.

The makers of the bell p-39 airacobra.

The bell p-39 airacobra was made by the bell aircraft corporation. The bell aircraft corporation was an aircraft manufactured of the United States, a builder of several types of fighters aircraft for world war 2 but most famous for the bell x-1. Bell aircraft corporation was founded on July 10, 1935.