There are three main ones which are: Architecture, Sculpture and Paintings.


The Spanish Reinassance architecture was inspired in Italy model.

There was three main styles: Plateresque, Purist and Herreriano.

-Plateresque (1500-1530)

  • Inside of the buildings keep the gothic art
  • They were using some elements like the coat of arms.

-Purist (1530-1560)

  • They adopted the reinassance elements in the building structure

-Herreriano (1560-1600)

  • The structure of the buildings are simple
  • The roofs are made of slate
  • They do not have decoration in the buidings


  • The sculpture was carved from wood
  • They were very realistics
  • They were Polychrome , this means that they use many colours


The most famous Spanish reinassance painting El Greco.

He used a unique style

  • Enlogated figures
  • Strong lights
  • He mostly paintings religious themes