Year 5 Weekly Update

Friday 26th September 2014

Week 6

This week has been the end of our current Unit of Inquiry on mindfulness. The children have been reflecting on the strategies learnt and how they have impacted their lives. We have revisited previous learning and made connections to our new knowledge and understanding.

Thank you to all the 5B parents and family members who joined us this morning to watch 5B's class assembly. The children really appreciated you coming and enjoyed sharing their learning with you!

Golden book for Year 5

Congratulations to the children below who received the golden book certificates this week!


Next week we will be starting our new units in both number groups and class strand.

Number groups

We will be beginning our unit on the 4 operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As before, the children will be assessed on their knowledge and use of the different strategies. They will then be re-grouped according to their needs.

Strand - Angles

Throughout this unit we will be learning about different types of angles and measuring them accurately with a protractor. They will then be using these skills when exploring shapes.

Unit of Inquiry - Where we are in Place and Time

Our central idea for this unit is:

Migration can impact on people and society

Our lines of inquiry are:

The reasons why people migrate

Migration throughout history

The challenges, risks and opportunities of migration

Our key concepts are:



Homework this week

As your children are now in the upper school, they are expected to be completing 30-45 minutes of homework each night. This will be made up of: approx 15-20 minutes reading with an adult, 10-15 spelling work, and their weekly assigned task.

This week's homework:

UoI - Design and make a poster to teach other children at Beacon Hill School about one of the Mindfulness strategies we have learnt. Choose one strategy and include the following:

  • A clear title
  • An explanation of how to do the strategy.
  • An explanation of why it is useful and in what situations you could use it.
  • Make your poster bold, bright and appealing.
  • Include your name.

The most effective posters will be displayed around the school.

Remember to hand homework in by Wednesday.

Dates for your diary

Other important dates:

Dress casual day (in support of HK Community Chest) - Tuesday 30th September

Public Holidays (school closed) - Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd October

ESF CPD day (school closed) - Friday 3rd October