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"Blended" by Michael B. Horn & Heather Staker
Chapter 5 - Motivate the Students

Chapter 5 is my favorite chapter so far and one that is definitely worth the read. This chapter discusses student perspective and student motivation. The book describes two core jobs that are the highest priorities for most students: the want to feel successful/make progress/accomplish something and the want to have fun with friends. Education itself is not the job; rather, it's one option that students can hire to get their jobs done. We have to create an education that students want to "hire" to get their jobs done.

The book followers Summit Public Schools, a charter school network based in Redwood City, California, as being a groundbreaking innovator for providing experiences that help students make progress every day and have fun with friends. They identified eight crucial experiences: 1) empower students to set individual learning goals for their personal learning plans and provide adequate time and processes each day to make progress towards these goals, 2) allow for individual student pace, 3) provide rapid feedback and data about student performance, 4) provide transparency/clear view of what they are trying to achieve, 5) provide quiet time for students to immerse themselves in books, 6) provide relevant work experiences, 7) provide mentoring experiences, and 8) provide positive group experiences.

On page 138, a teacher uses a great analogy with her students at the beginning of the school year with a pitcher of water and a bowl, turning the bowl both right-side up and upside down. "If only students could be like those right-side up bowls, willing to capture the outpouring."

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