Chandler's Autobiography

All about me

Meet Me

Hi my name is Chandler and I am eight years old.I like playing with my dad. The most things that I like to do are to play with my dog and my pet hamster.

Meet My Family

My family that I live with at my house is my mom, my dad, and my sister.The other half of my family is my three grannies and one grandpa.

Important Events

My family and I do a lot of events but the most important event that we did is go to Kansas and go 650 feet below the Earth surface and we got to learn about crystallized salt.We got to learn how they blow out the wall and make the space big.Another event that we did is go to A .There we got to go swimming in a ocean.Me and my sister got surfing boards and my mom got a neat bones. one day I figure out that it was a head.

My Interests

Some times when I am bored I will play soccer in side.If it is dry out side I will play soccer out side.Some times if my dad is home me and him will go out side and play foot ball.When he throws the ball he can make me dive for it. Sometimes if he throws the ball in the rite spot he can jam my finger.

Important Goals

The most important goal I am working hard on is to make good grades in school.If I don't make a good grade I git in trouble.


So I hope you enjoyed of what I like to do and what I need to do.I also hope you like my family.