Come In With A Smile!

No more worries on the first days of school

Being a new student at Newark Academy can be overwhelming, but hopefully these tips can help you make your way through your first days at Newark Academy. Just remember to come in with a smile!

Lunch! Lunch! Glorious Lunch!

Lunch is one of the busiest times of the day at Newark Academy. Everyone is going to be rushing in to get lunch, and your first lunch will be the craziest experience on your first day.

Every day at lunch there is a choice of two main meal (one is vegetarian) two soups, a panini station, a salad bar, dessert, and pizza bagels. On Thursdays and Fridays there is frozen yogurt. There are three flavors(including swirled, flavors change).

Homework Overload!

You might be wondering, will there be a ton of homework at Newark Academy? It depends on how you use your time. Lunch is an hour long which means once you finish eating, you can do homework or hang out with friends. If you have a lot of homework one day, I suggest using your time to complete some of it. If your homework takes you more than about a half an hour in one class, you should meet with a teacher to see why it is taking longer than it should.

Chorus vs. Band

You have to play an instrument or be in the chorus. If you want to learn a new instrument, you can take the beginners class. If you are an experienced player(played for two years) you can be in the advanced class, and anyone can join chorus(experienced or not)!

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Questions? I Thought So...

What Can I Wear?

The dress code is not very strict. Students can wear collared shirts & blouses, rugby shirts, turtlenecks/mock turtlenecks, “Henley” shirts (with front buttons), fitted collarless shirts(without writing), sweaters, v-necks,sweater vest, pants (full length or ¾ length), khakis corduroys, cotton, and unfaded colored denim, dresses, skirts(no higher than slightly above the knee), and there is a three finger rule for your straps of your shirt(for girls). On Fridays you can wear casual clothing such as t-shirts with writing(appropriate), jeans, and shorts(only on Fridays after September 30 or until May)

What is the Honor Code, and what does it mean?

The Honor Code makes sure no one cheats, steals, or breaks any other rules. Breaking the Honor code is a more than a more or a folkway, it's a taboo. at Newark Academy. At Newark Academy, the Honor Code is taken very seriously, and is a big part of our political patterns. We also have a Honor Counsel, which students go to when they have broken the Honor Code. The Honor Counsel isn't scary, so don't be afraid of them. Our non-material culture is mostly based on the Honor Code.

What Do I Do If I Am Not Good At Sports, Or the Sport I Want to Play?

One of the great things about Newark Academy is that everyone encourages you to try new things. You will be on a sports team no matter how good or bad you are. For example, I never played field hockey before, and I was awful at the beginning, but I am starting to get better slowly. I really like the sport now!

What Makes Newark Academy Special

"In 6th grade capstone, we did trust exercises. I was put in a group with people I didn’t know, and now I can call them my friend because of that."

- 8th Grade Student

"The social science fair in 6th grade where you get to research a project for one month. You get to present your ideas to the school community. The fact that 6th grader get to share ideas with the school is rare because usually the 6th graders are treated like babies."

-6th Grade Teacher

"One of the students got sick in the hall and her fellow students called 911, ran to get the nurse, and had one student go outside to wait for the ambulance. The nurse came and all the faculty and nurse people helped that student get better."

-6th Grade Teacher