Why are firefighters heroic?

by Alexis, Arianna, Tom, and Justin.

Firefighters should be recognized for everything that they do

Although some may view firefighters as dishonorable for not always being able to save everyone on the job, firefighters are actually heroic considering all of the individuals that they strive to save. One skill that plays an important part in firefighters execution is teamwork, and by working together, it shows how selfless firefighters are because they are not only thinking about themselves. Firefighters should be recognized due to the fact that they sacrifice their lives daily to establish the well-being of civilians. Being a firefighter and having the lives of civilians in their hands requires corroboration in order to be successful.

Firefighters have a certain dignity around them when they know that there is a task to accomplish. They are fearless because they are dedicated to overcoming any obstacle that stands in their way. No matter what the situation is, they will find a way to accomplish their goal; and that goal is the safety of civilians. In the process of this, they have to realize that every second of their lives is always in danger.

A safe day on the job isn't guaranteed, so firefighters have to live each day as if it was their last. Regardless of this, a citizen's safety comes first - not their own, and that's what it takes to become a true hero.

In conclusion, civilians are not the only ones at risk during a fire. It takes a brave person to put his or herself in a position where one could possibly lose their life. Yet, firefighters continue to do this everyday, even missing the chance to see their families on holidays because of how busy they are with their work. They are heroic in every aspect.

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Famous Firefighters

Timothy Stackpole: Timothy was a firefighter who was dedicated to his job until the very end. After getting back on his feet from an injury In 1998 due to a fire, Timothy and his colleagues rush to the World Trade Center to rescue victims three years later. He died a hero's death when the tower collapsed, and over ten thousand people went to attend Timothy's funeral.

Jason Durbin: Jason was enjoying a day off of work when he spotted smoke coming from a nearby high rise. Jason called 911, then entered the building and rushed up 28 flights of stairs. When he reached the fire, he blindly fought through a wall of smoke without any of his equipment and back-up, and rescued a woman unconscious on the floor.

James O'Brien: In 2010, James found a barely breathing man on the floor of a fire-engulfed kitchen. With no concern for his own safety, James removed his breathing mask and put it over the man's face. James held his breath for agonizing minutes as he carried the man out.

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