Snaketts and the Moon

By:Emily Payne

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Once upon a time there was a rabbit who lived in a cottage deep in the Catela forest. Her name was Alexa she liked to sing and dance. One day she met another rabbit, his name was Alex. He liked to dance. He was always thinking about her all of the time but she never knew it. She went back home and started her dance routine. She was in the group Rabbit Rappers. She loved all of her friends who were in this group with her. Her friends names were Melany, Miranda, and Manda. They would have dinner together and they would sing and dance. Before they created there own routine they made their own song and beat to dance to.


Of course since Alex liked her, he went to ever routine competition she had. But the only thing is there was always a huge crowd so, he always made sure to be the first one there. One time she saw him there and asked “Why are you here?”Alex exclaimed “I am here to watch how this amazing, beautiful rabbit can dance.” \He knew that she was starting to blushing so he went ahead and asked “Alexa would like to look up in the sky tomorrow night with me?”Her face was so red trying to keep the excitement in but she could not do it that well so she ended up hugging him really tight. He was so surprised because he had NO idea that she liked him.

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Actually he was super happy to find out that she did. So, the next night came up and he showed up at her house. He was wearing a pair of jeans with a t-shirt that had his favorite band on there, with a jacket. She was wearing a pair of capris with rips in the thighs and a shirt with her dance team on there. She brought her smaller, thinner jacket. As they were watching the stars they saw this gray thing floating up there, so she asked Alex what it was. He had no idea what it was and so they went to his house to look it up. They could not find anything on it so they named it the “Moon,”so the next night they went back. The moon was still there. Ever night after that they went and watched the sky seeing the moon float past and stars come up.

We love the moon

So ever since then the stars have been the people who have died. So when you die you become a star in our very own sky. Also those shooting stars are your very own family members. But ALL of them stars right now in our very galaxy are from this very story. Those stars are the Rabbit Rappers and every year when the tradition comes you will see Alexa's star it will be the biggest one.