Be Safe on Social Media!

Ana Terry

Reasons to be safe on Social Media!

There are multiple reasons why you should stay safe on social media. If you give out personal information onto social media, you could be in danger. People could do things to you, including: kidnap, stalk, etc.

The Dangers of Social Media!

Several dangers of being unsafe on social media is you could be in danger due to another person's actions, if you spread pictures (nudes, etc.) you could be blackmailed and people who you didn't want to see the picture could. Your reputation could also be ruined if your peers find out about you sending inappropriate pictures to anyone.

Things to Remember When Posting Online!

Always remember when you post things online, that nothing online is private. Once something is out there, it's out there for anybody to see. If you put something online, make sure it is something you would't mind any important adult in your life see. Make sure that if it was a choice to you, you would be okay with anyone in the world seeing it. Don't provide personal important information online in which people could communicate with you privately.

Social Networking Safety

This article is about different ways that you can stay safe online. It includes a variety of things that you could do to prevent putting yourself into danger by providing personal information online.

What You Should Get From This!

What I am trying to tell you from this flyer is that you should never ever share personal information online. Always be safe with what you're doing on the internet.