What is the period of rotation of Venus in the Earth days?

243 Earth days.
Venus Rotation - HQ
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What is the period of revolution in Venus in Earth years?

224.7 years./days

What is the average distance from Venus to sun?

67.24 million mi
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Does your planet have moon? How many, what are the names of some of the moons?

Venus doesn't have moon.

What is your planet made of?

Venus is made of Iron core and a rocky mantle, similar to the composition of Earth.

what are the planet temperature?

870 F

What is the location in relation to the sun?

Venus is the 2nd closest to the sun.
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At least 5 other interesting facts about your planet?

1.Venus is sometimes called Earth's sister planet.

2.Billions of years ago, the climate of Venus may been similar to that Earth.

3.Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system with an average surface temperature of

462 C ( 863 F).

4. Venus rotate in the opposite direction to other planets.

5. One day on Venus is longer than other year.