Become A Geomagician!

Symmetry - Anamorphic Painting - Tessellation

How will I become a geomagician?

Our Geomagician ECA gives students the opportunity to approach Geometry in an artistic way. The students will start with observing the basic geometric elements of a point, straight line, triangle, rectangle and circle in our environment. Moving onward, they will design and construct a variety of geometrical patterns with assistance. Concepts we will explore over the course of the ECA include: tessellation, anamorphic painting, symmetry and much more!

Throughout the ECA, students will not only know and value the presence of Geometry in the Arts and our environment, but also learn Geometry as a practical tool which they can apply in artistic construction.

If you would like to sign up for the ECA, please let us know by emailing

To start the week beginning the 5th May

Thursday, May 8th, 2-3pm

41 Sunset Way


When: Every Thursday

What time: 2-3pm

Who: For grades 2 to 6 (inclusive)

How much: Total cost: $150