MOM Weekly 11.16.15

It's great to be a Mayan!

PLC, Walkthroughs, & Achieve 3000

  • Over at 2 for those who completed online training
  • Complete online training after 2 for those who haven't
  • FInding anchor papers, calibrating scores, and reviewing data for PT's within PLC's is ok but don't spend too much time correcting papers (Not what PLC's are for)
  • Interdisciplinary PLC's? Social Science & English, Math, Science, & PE or other combos? We will look to designate some time together next semester.


  • We wil look to increase second semester
  • What best first instruction techniques do you want support on

Achieve 3000

  • English assigned their own for this week
  • Social Science your articles are due this Friday. Let Carolina know if you want your articles assigned for you or if you decide to do it yourself. Just tell me which ones you chose.
  • Advisory article: The Taco Test
  • We will be announcing another Achieve contest on Thursday as we also announce the winning Advisory for last week. The contest will be conducted over Thanksgiving break.

Advisory Achieve 3000 Article: The Taco Test

Americanism Essay Contest

Click or tap the button above to access the essay details. Please try to have entries in to me by this Friday or Monday 11/30 at the latest. Essay's are collected by the FRA on Tuesday, December 1.

Thanksgiving Break

Heading into your well deserved break Alejandra and I wanted to thank all of you for the dedication you have to our kids. We feel very blessed to work alongside such caring and hard working individuals. Please make sure to not only spend quality time with family and friends but to also take time for yourself.

You are the heart and soul of why it is great to be a Mayan! Enjoy.

Be thankful for what you have and innovative in gaining what you don't!

Teaser of the upcoming documentary film "Landfill Harmonic"

Be grateful that we have the opportunity each and everyday to positively effect the lives of our community.

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG

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Montgomery Middle School

Big thanks to Mrs. Siglin for organizing the Teacher Scavenger hunt and even bigger gratitude for all staff who came out during lunch to participate. It was a beautiful experience for our kids!