Food Marketing

How TV, social media, and the public is affecting your diet


Ah, good 'ole television. The thing you-like most Americans-spend countless hours staring at as a form of entertainment. But did you know that your television could be the reason you love to eat junk food so much? It might be because television commercials "dress up" foods, to make them look more appetizing than what they really are. Here is a link to show you how these commercials do this process:

Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more are all social medias that could be affecting how you think of food. Roughly 75% of all Americans have some type of social media and with it comes images of food. When you get on Pinterest, what's a main topic that is always buzzing? That's right: food. This makes the average viewer wanting food, which makes us go and eat.

The Public

You know when you're walking through the grocery store and you smell their freshly baked bread? Don't you imminently want to taste their free samples? That's how the public fools you. Now, I'm not saying you should never leave your house, or be afraid to look up in fear you'll gain five pounds just look at a picture of food. Just be careful when you're passing restaurants and going to the grocery store, because becoming careless about food can sneak extra weight on you. Here is a website telling you how grocery stores trick you into eating higher calorie foods: