Ancient Egypt Cats

By Bella Subramaniam

The Cat

-raised just to be mummified used offering Gods of Egypt.

-most popular household pet.

- also known, feline goddess could take form cat or lioness.

-Egypt name for cat ‘Miw.’ derived noise cat makes.

The Dog

-helped guard herd, help round game drive.

- dog part of family dies, whole family shave entire body and head.

- Dogs, Jackals both sacred Anubis, sometimes called Anubis animals.

Ptah, Apis Bull

- Ptah, he was represented sacred bull also known Apis Bull.

-To be Apis Bull had to have more than 25 markings bodies.

Random facts

-animals were sacred not just for power also for sacredness towards Egyptian God.

-typical household pets were ducks, monkeys, dogs and cats.

- Animals

important,households, Gods, even hunters.