Here Comes The Bride

BY: Makeda Martin


Here comes the bride, played on the organ by some old musician who can’t seem to get the last note right

Lights that flicker and almost seem to quiver in the window of the church

Here comes the bride, in that white linen gown, she’s scared just like any bride would be

Looking into the crowd of new and old family she sheds a tear for her life is changed

Tears of joy, sobs of relief the search is over

Here comes the bride as pretty as can be

The priest speaks his words of marriage as the bride meets the groom at the podium,

He grabs her hand and slips the ring of commitment on her left hand third finger

Before the rings is words, words of promises that shall not be broken however abided by

You may now kiss the bride the man says

They lean in pause then kiss

At last what was two beings is now one joined by jewels of some sort

Here comes the bride in that white pretty dress

Now with the veil off we can see her pretty head her pretty face

No secrets, no lies she right here for all eyes

Let the party begin let the drinks be poured let the food be ate the reception has started

New and only family mingle and dance around her and him

This is the end

No more planning needed the flowers were picked the seating was perfect the cake was 3 tiers of tradition and the dress was stunning

Who could have put together something so perfect

They leave that wedding husband and wife on to make the next big event in life

Wagner's Bridal Chorus (Pipe Organ Solo)