Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of January 4 - 10


Monday, January 4

Tuesday, January 5

Wednesday, January 6

Social Committee - 8:00 am - Susan's Room

Thursday, January 7

Friday, January 8

Primary Night at the Boys Bball Game


Thank you:

All staff members for making the last few days before break so enjoyable for our students!


The CAO has sent a reminder that all of us should be wearing our ID badges everyday.

Please remember to keep Power School up to date with progress marks. While we just had conferences it is important to keep this form of communication current. Continue to keep reminders in your newsletters and websites about checking Power School, too.

AW and BGSU has scheduled a teacher matching meeting for February 24 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at Waterville Primary. This is for anyone interested in having a student teacher next school year. The student teacher would be with you all year long, like the teachers we have in the building now.

Tentative dates for your calendar:

AW Spirit of Giving Spaghetti Fundraiser - February 19

CREATE! Conference - June 6

Words of Wisdom and Action..................

As embark a new year, it a way to refresh ourselves, reflect on the past and how the new year can be different. Do not get bogged down with making many changes, focus on the small things and set acheivable goals, when one is reached set another. These small successes will keep you motivated!

Below, I pulled an article from Jon Gordon regarding "Get to", this really resonated with me as I couldn't be more proud to come into work each day to interact with all of you and most importantly, the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids. We are fortunate we "Get to" start back to school! I think the last paragraph really speaks to what we "Get to" do each day as educators!

“Have to” or “Get to”

Posted by Jon Gordon

Who knew that two simple words could change one’s mindset, perspective and approach to work and life? Just two words have the potential to enhance joy, productivity, performance and change a complaining voice to an appreciative heart.

So often we say things like, “I have to take the kids to practice.” “I have to go to this meeting.” “I have to finish this project.” “I have to go to work today.” “I have to take care of this customer.” “I have to share this new information with my team.” “I have to see my family this weekend.”

We act as if we don’t have a choice. As if we are imprisoned by a paycheck and the expectations of a world that forces us to do thing we don’t want to do. But in reality we do have a choice. We can choose our attitude and our actions. We can choose how we view our life and work. We can realize that every day is a gift. It’s not about what we have to do. It’s about what we get to do.

We get to live this life while so many like Tim Russert and my Mom have left this world far too early. We get to drive in traffic while so many are too sick to drive a car. We get to go to a job while so many are unemployed. We get to raise our children even if they drive us nuts at times. We get to interact with our employees and customers and make a difference in their life. We get to use our gifts and talents to make a product or provide a service. We get to eat three meals a day while millions of people are starving. We get to work on projects, answer phone calls, serve customers, participate in meetings, design, create, share, sell, lead and suit up every day for the game of life.

Yes there will be challenges and life isn’t easy but each day we wake up we get another opportunity to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. We get to uplift, inspire, encourage, and impact others. We get to live this life. Let’s make the most of it by remembering that life is a gift not an obligation.