Athens is better then Sparta.

join the side of brains not braun.

The best of two places between Athens and Sparta is Athens

The reasons you should recruit for Athens and not Sparta are the fallowing Athens gives the resident kids school until they are 14 then they are given the option to go to school for 4 more years.BUT Sparta they send the kids to military barracks at the age of 7 and are taught to never surrender as the spartan saying goes come home carrying your shield or be carried on it.

Athens has education.

Sparta may have a strong military but they are too dumb to lead it strategically at all.

the Sparta military is strong but dumb as well. And they only do basic training what is that suppose to mean!?! I mean they may cover stuff like first grade reading and writing but not the stuff needed in every day life in Greece. also they leave babies to die that are not perfect.


the best education of the two.

How to recruit

The way to recruit is that if you liked my presentation please vote in class.

the Sparta government had all the weak babies left to die on a mountain.

yes it is true and cruel they also were beaten to make them more tuff and it left them with scars and wounds also they were given the meal black broth made from boiling pork and animal blood together it was disgusting.