Periodic Trends: Reactivity

By: Angie, Vicky, Rick, Boston

Reactivity Trends


Period: Decreases as you go left to right

Group: Increases as you go down a group


Period: Increases as you go left to right across a period

Group: decreases as you go down in a group.

Bottom-Left most reactive metals. Top-Right most reactive non-metals.

As you move down the halogens group on the periodic table, the reactivity decreases because the atoms are getting larger. This causes the positive charge inside to be more shielded and the atom is less likely to gain an electron. The solubility in water also decreases moving down the group while melting and boiling points increase.

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Why do these trends happen?

Metals- The farther to the left and down the periodic chart you go, the easier it is for electrons to be given or taken away, resulting in higher reactivity.

Non Metals- The farther right and up you go on the periodic table, the higher the electronegativity, resulting in a more vigorous exchange of electron.