Deciduous Forest Biom

Caleb Snider

Location And Characteristics

the location is on the right and the characteristics are trees lots of animals and waters. They have lots of lakes to fish in and plenty of good hunting forest. They have big trees for birds to nest in and good farming land.
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Abiotic Factors

Climate Four seasons mild summers winters are cool

Temperture average 70 degrees farenhight

Percipatation 30 to 60 in of rain a year

Abiotic factors

There are the appalchine mountains.

Lots of bodies of water like rivers and lakes.

There are very few canyons in Deciduous forest.

There are no deciduous forest islands.

Catastrophic Events

Hurricans is one catastrophic event it devastates towns and buildings.

Human Impact

The human have impacted tremendously.They have polluted the water but they also help to.

Caleb Snider

Period 8