Charlotte's Shout-outs!

Great moments in teaching at NDHS

This edition is focused on highlighting a few examples of our colleagues' work with STUDENT-CENTERED PROTOTYPES and is co-authored with input from Literacy Coach Kizzy and Math Coach Phil.
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This purpose of this newsletter is to:

  • acknowledge and celebrate the great work that teachers do
  • share good ideas that other teachers might adopt
  • promote familiarity with Danielson as a common language to talk about teaching

These are just some of the many examples of awesome teaching happening at New Design High School every day.

Communicating with Families (4C)


Knowing that family involvement is important for helping our students to be successful, Deb frequently makes contact with parents/guardians in order to communicate about student progress and get their support as a resource. Making successful contact with families can be challenging, but Deb’s persistence usually prevails (honestly, who wouldn’t welcome a phone call from Deb?). Beyond just savoring the serenade of Deb’s eloquent elocution, parents are grateful to receive updates and information about their students.

Note: Charlotte doesn't throw any shade. Our colleagues are doing all sorts of great things on a daily basis -- Charlotte just wants to highlight some specific examples.

Upcoming issues will include shout-outs from peer intervisits. Who will you shout-out in Charlotte's next edition?