Dealing with Electronic Waste

What should we do?

Community incentive

We can start by teaching your local community the dangers of throwing hazardous materials in the trash. One way this can be done is with T.V commercials aimed at showing the public the problems with throwing away these hazardous materials.

"Hazardous Waste Bins"

Another method of getting more people to recycle these materials could be done by adding a "hazardous waste bin" in every home and sending trucks to collect this waste. Not only would this allow many more people who are less willing to take time out to correctly throw away the material, It would also make it easier on the people who already watch their own waste to throw away with more convince.

Make it Legal

Right now states like New York have created recycling mandates for e-waste. But, in order for this problem to be solved, there needs to be more than one state involved.