5th Grade News!

For the Week of April 13-17, 2015

Learning Objectives

Language Arts

  • Using excellent research practices in state research project

***Plagiarism Quiz on Monday, April 13***

***Grammar Quiz (Prepositions) on Friday, April 17***


  • Review concepts in preparation for the STAAR Science Test


  • Review concepts in preparation for the STAAR Math Test

Social Studies

  • After the Civil War: Reconstruction
  • Modern America and Industrialization

***Reconstruction Test on Monday, April 13***



Homework #12


Science Homework #5


Write a letter to a fictional movie producer, persuading him or her to make a movie about the state you are researching. Include 3 interesting facts that would make your state a good subject for a movie! Be creative in your persuasive letter! Your letter should be less than one page long. Remember to write it as a letter by including "Dear _____________," at the beginning and "Sincerely" at the end of the letter.

You may take your research notes home or you can research at home for these three facts.

Information and News

Read, Deed, Run

Read, Deed, Run is continuing to collect snack pouches, drink pouches, used markers, glue sticks, glue bottles, and ink cartridges. These can be sent to school in a baggie at any time this school year.

Upcoming Events

  • Early Dismissal - April 17
  • Math STAAR Test - April 20
  • Science STAAR Test - April 22
  • Howlapalooza - May 8, 5pm-8pm


4/17 game time

4/24 extra recess

5/8 hat day

5/22 crazy socks/stinky feet

Lunch w/ teacher – scheduled by teacher

Kickball – scheduled with switch class

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