Raymonds Run

By: Toni Bambara Created By: Seth Taylor

Plot and Theme

The story Raymonds Run can inspire people in many ways. Anywhere from carrying on a running career ; or even showing that even though you have problems with the way you were born, it cant stop you from doing what you want.I know it expired me and it could also inspire you as well. Raymonds Run helped me see things in a different perspective. Now i will see things differently and think different about them.This story can really change lives and the way people think. It lets people believe that you can do or be whatever you put your mind to. It doesnt matter how you were born.

Author: Toni Bambara

Bambara, Toni Cade (Miltonia Mirkin Cade)
Born: March 25, 1939, in New York, New York
Died: December 9, 1995, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Awesome book

Often mistaken

Alot of people think the story is about Squeaky winning the race and raymond is watching, but it is actually an inspiration to show that Raymond could have a career in running, like his sister.