How does HIV and AIDS get transmitted?

AIDS & HIVS are transmitted by contact or switching of body fluids from a non-positive person to a positive person. Having sex unprotected, drinking breast milk, being born with it from a mother, or sharing needles or dugs.

What's the process of AIDS & HIVS?

HIVS & AIDS happen because of a few different reasons. HIV is actually the start of aids, HIV gets into your system and hops onto a T cell, When HIV is on that T cell it works it way in side of that T cell. While HIV is in that cell the cell acts like a HIV making factory, making identical copies of its self. Then the ALL the HIV cells go to infect more T cells.

How common is AIDS & HIV?

40 million people in the world are infected with AIDS & HIV. About 64% (25.8million) is in titled to be in sub Saharan Africa. Only a small proportion of people from sub Saharan Africa were able to be treated for AIDS & HIV.

Deaths from AIDS & HIV.

1.7 million people died of aids worldwide in 2011. Deaths from aids is slowly decreasing from 2.5 million deaths in 2005 to 1.7 million deaths in 2011. Reasons why it's decreasing is because there's more support, medicine, therapy and it's more worldly know as a problem. Many people die of AIDS and HIV every year.