Christmas light webquest

kailey gomez


My testable question is what is the effect on Christmas lights arrangement on the other bulb lights.

what is the Christmas lights are arrangement in a parallel circuit then when 1 bulb burrs the other bulbs light.

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In my observation when you put one battery and then you can put the wires and bulbs.
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in observation 2 it still kept going but without one bulb.

Hypothesis: if the Christmas light are arranged in a series circuit then when 1 bulb burst the other bulb light up.

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still stayed the same.
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it lights lower and it is dim.
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they work more slower but if you take one bulb out it still works.

Data table

Number of Bulbs Lit

Type of Circuit

0 bulbs removed

1 bulb removed








in conclusion it proves that the christmas light work even though you remove a bulb or not and it tells on how the circuit works and which one goes faster.