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  • paper
  • bulletin board paper
  • color printing
  • school supplies
  • and more

School Year 2022-2023

Resources for Students

Below are resources available to Hillsboro Students to make awesome projects!
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Student School Box of Supplies

Imagine that School Box from yonder years in elementary! That is what we have waiting for you in the Hillsboro Library so you are able to always make every project you are working on Awesome!

If you need a supply, email or just ask us and we might have exactly what you need!

  • crayons
  • markers
  • pencils
  • pens
  • scissors
  • all the types of paper (lined, graph, etc)
  • Posters (Teacher Assignment Request Required)
  • Tri-Folds (Teacher Assignment Request Required)
  • Tape, glue, etc

Color Printing

Single or Double Sided Copies from sizes Standard Letter to Legal Size.

Must have your own flashdrive to print your documents (network cable is broken)

Must save documents as PDF or JPEG


Black & White Thermal Poster

This is a poster maker that you would use your document (not from computer) to create a poster. Directions in video link: https://flipgrid.com/8f2c6958

Color Poster Printing

For Class Projects or School Sponsored events only. To have access to this, you will need to send poster document by school email with teacher's email that is associated with the project or club in the email.

Tips for Excellent Poster Making!

  • Create Word Document (No Size adjustment needed, I print most of my posters this way)
  • One Slide of PowerPoint can create amazing research presentation posters.
  • Canva platform makes great posters
  • I will decline printing of any poster that has not been vetted for typos & pixelated pictures.
  • I will decline printing that uses and exorbitant amount of ink. (Ink is expensive, please be mindful when creating posters)


Bulletin Board Paper (Kraft Paper)

Please come to the library or the Freshman academy office to help yourself to this paper.

Students have access to this paper if it is a part of a school assigned project.

Please do not wheel the carts away unless prior arrangements have been made by email.



Color Paper & Cardstock

We have a controlled amount of construction paper, colored paper, & cardstock that is available. We will have quick grab access to paper if you are just needing to run 30 copies on color.

Please do not abuse the use of the paper and hoard it away like 2020 Toilet Paper. The goal is to always keep the supplies you need when you need it. Keeping it stored will avoid fading, damage, and waste.

Please email paper request when you are in need.



Button Maker

The Button Maker is available for use in the library only. To create your own design, you can print or draw. All students must be trained on how to use the button maker before given access to it.

Template for Button Making


Cricut Machine



Dremel 3D Printing

If you are tinkering and need a print for a school project or for fun, visit this link for more details!