Maren Ewertz Clarinet Recital

P. 2B

Keith Snell

In 1986, Keith was diagnosed with focal dystonia (a repetitive motion injury) in his right hand. As a result, he found it increasingly difficult to meet the demands of his performance schedule. In 1988 he withdrew from his professional life as a pianist, and re-focused his energies on his teaching career, expanding his independent piano studio and giving master classes throughout the United States.

About Me

My name is Maren. I am 12 years old. I stay 12 because my birthday is in August. I have an annoying 6 year old brother. His name is Landon. I have never gone on a roller coaster, and I don't want to go on one anytime soon because I am terrified of heights. I never went to preschool. And, after listening to a song twice I can pick up on most of the chorus.

My Song

Rondo was composed in 1988. Opens with a short introduction and there after there is a structure called "Rondo Form." Rondo from is a multi-sectional form in which the principal theme "A" is presented then alternated in secondary themes "B", "C", "D" etc. that are called couplets or episodes. The piece closes with a coda.


I liked playing Rondo because of the many different notes. This project helped me keep time in multiple measure rests. I just liked playing the piece in general.