The Netherlands

European Country Discovery Project

Country Basics

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • The meaning of the flag: The colors are the colors of William 1, Prince of orange


  • The Netherlands is located in Europe
  • It is surrounded by Germany, Belgium, France, and the UK
  • Major landforms: Below sea level, Dikes, Foothills, of the Ardennes mountains
  • Major landmarks: Rijksmuseum, The Anne Frank house, Vondelpark, and the Van Gogh museum
  • Major bodies of water: North Sea, Veerse Gat, Vlie
  • Human environment interaction: It effects them by flooding, because some


  • Government type: The Netherlands have a Limited Government
  • How are leaders chosen: During election there are runners for that spot , the citizens will vote for one of the runners
  • The leader: Mark Rutte
  • Rights,Roles, and Responsibilities: The citizens have to obey the rules and laws, even the government


  • Rich or Poor nation: The Netherlands is a very wealthy country
  • The money they use: They use a type of money that is called Euro
  • The main import and export: Refined Petroleum
  • Life Expectancy : Age 15 and older
  • Birth Rate: 10.83 births/1000 populated
  • Literacy Rate: 81.4
  • Water Drinking Source: Dutch companies handle this


  • Clothing: They wear Dutch clothing like dresses with patterns
  • Major Languages: They mostly speak Dutch
  • Major Holidays: New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Kings Birthday
  • Religions: Roman Catholic, this religion believes in God and Jesus

Dutch Clothing

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Dutch Clothing

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  • General Weather: Cloudy Sky, and breeze
  • Average yearly rainfall: 0.1mm
  • Average yearly temperature: 17 Celsius
  • The effects of this weather on the country: Makes people wear thick clothing because its cold and part of the Netherlands is undersea level


Historical events that happened in the Netherlands:

  1. Vincent VanGoh committed suicide
  2. The Jewish Holicost
  3. The Dutch Trade in the East
  4. These contribute to their current conditions by remembering these tragic moments

Compare and Contrast

2 Aspects of my country

  • The Netherlands has a limited Government, just like the US
  • The Netherlands eat Dutch food
  • Americans eat American food
  • Most Americans speak English
  • Most Dutch people speak Dutch

2 Similarities and 2 Differences

  • The Netherlands have Dutch clothing
  • The US has American clothing
  • The US mostly speak English
  • The Netherlands mostly speak Dutch
  • The Netherlands and The US both do not have a dictator
  • The Netherlands and The US both have a Limited Government
  • The Netherlands and The US both have a red, white, and blue flag
  • The Netherlands and The US both have a very wealthy economy


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