Wildcat Weekly

May 13, 2019

Happy Birthday!









This video was shown at several events as a part of the State of the District. Be sure to watch to the end!

Important Dates Through END OF THE YEAR!

5/16 -- Band Prism Concert

5/18 -- PSHS Automotive Classes Classic Car Show, Independence Parking Lot, 10-2

5/21-24 -- Final Exams

5/21 -- Graduation Rehearsal, Gym

5/23 -- Teacher light lunch, meeting, Cafe, 1:30 p.m.

5/24 -- Senior Checkout, Gym

6/8 -- Graduation, Frisco Star, 9:30 a.m.

8/1-2 -- Teachers return. Campus inservice on those two days.

This week and next...

Please remember to be in the halls during passing periods. Also, please take a lap around your building during the first 5 minutes of your conference to nudge the kids on to class.

Please call parents as reminded at the last faculty meeting.

Hang in there!

Meeting Cancelled --

If you were planning on attending the Collaborative Team training being offered this Thursday, please email Coryn Prince. It has been canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

From the Registrar


Now would be the time to run a Class Semester or Class Year End Grade report to check for Blanks.

It’s ok if you have a blank for the prior semester grade – we only care about blanks for the 3rd, 4th,Exam and Semester. Do not worry about averaging – the program takes care of that (or I will in some cases).

You will turn in the Class Semester Report for 1 semester classes (i.e. Govt, Health) and the Year End Report for year-long classes.

If you have a blank, call or email me and I’ll help you out.

IF YOU STILL HAVE INCOMPLETES – and unfortunately, there are still some out there – YOU WILL HAVE TO OVERWRITE THE SEMESTER GRADE TO AN “I”. Now would be a really good time to clear those up! Just email me the grade.

End of Year Reminders


Here are the steps for hold list and grades for ticket pick up as shared yesterday.

Before Finals Begin - Hold List Procedure

• Fill out the Google sheet if a student owes you property (books, calculators, uniforms, etc.)

• As students bring in items, update the student entry in the Google sheet to clear the hold.

• Once Finals begin (5/21), no need to add or update to the sheet any longer – we will handle the rest.

Here is an easy link to the hold list:


During Finals – Hold List Procedure

• This process will occur at the beginning of each Final Exam.

• Students report to class , if they are not cleared, they MUST go to the fishbowl BEFORE they are allowed to take the exam (even if you placed them on the list & still not cleared)

• Teacher sends student to fishbowl hallway at the beginning of the test period

• Student’s name is recorded on HOLD list (or verified)

• Student receives “PINK Ticket” from the Official Hold Keeper to return to your room to take the test

• Student may not begin the test until this is done

• Teachers are only responsible for their holds

Friday, May 24 – Senior Failure List

Log into Google form: https://tinyurl.com/PSHS-Senior-Failure-Form

Every teacher must submit even if no failures or seniors in the class.

You will list only senior failures. Do not worry about average pass. Counselors will figure that out.

Must enter the FINAL Spring Semester Numeric Grade, not Pass or Fail (counselors will calculate semester averaging if needed)

**Must be done by 2:00 pm on Friday**


It is imperative that you fill out the Alternative Exam Form entirely. Coryn Prince has these forms. Submit one packet per student taking an exam late. Please make sure you include a copy of the exam and key or that your department head turned yours in.

Change Regarding Computer Carts --

Last year some of you took your computer carts to the library. That was due to dust concerns related to some construction.

This year:

All computer carts should be locked and stored in offices. If you need keys to your cart, see the CTA's. You will also be asked to inventory your computers/Chromebooks and noting that inventory on the cart before storing it. You will be receiving a form for that.

Also, if you are leaving, you must turn in your Chromebook to the CTA's.