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Arranging Emails - Weekend Edition

Remember how in CLC you could click the headings in your mailbox and instantly sort your entire mailbox?!? If you clicked once it sorted them A > Z, Earliest > Latest, Biggest > Smallest, etc. If you clicked again it was reversed Z > A, etc. You get the picture.
Thought that feature wasn't available in Outlook?!? Think again!

Your mailbox in Outlook is automatically organized by date with the newest messages at the top of your Inbox. If you click Arrange by Date, you can change how your messages are arranged and there are lots of ways to choose from.
Now that you have chosen how you want to arrange your emails you can choose how you want these emails sorted by clicking the sorting option to the right of Arrange by.
Another thing to mention is that Arrange By is folder specific. So like your Send folder sorted one way and your Inbox sorted another? It will remember both for you!

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