The Fall of Five

By: Christian O'Leary

What it's about

The Fall of Five was written by Pittacus Lore it is about a group of aliens survivors of their planet that look just humans except they have powers. They are being hunted by a unknown organization that wiped out their race completely there were ten survivors they landed on earth and each of them separated from each other as children with a adult to raise them. Three of them have been killed already they attempted to kill number four and fail the remaining survivors are trying to locate each other and unite in order to fight this threat so they can live in peace once again.


The theme of the story really goes on trust. Throughout the story the seven survivors all have to rely on each others to help them fight their enemy, but over the course of the story their seems to be some betrayal and no one knows who it is out of all of them many questions arise like why would they do this? why would you betray your own people? why join up with he enemy who killed your entire race. The main protagonists in the story are number Four, Six, Seven, Five, and a new number Eleven. The seven of them look for more of them with the help of their human friends Sam and Sarah they are all constantly on the run from the Mogadorian the species that had eradicated their home world, but somehow they keep finding them Four suspects there is a traitor but who?

The author

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