Daily In-Flight News

Wednesday, February 20th "D" Day

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Mark your Calendar

2/21 Picture Day

2/21 Murphy visit

2/22 MERT Mtg 8:30 am

2/22 NAEP Testing 4th grade

2/22 1st Grade field Trip - Taft Theater 11:10 am - 2 pm

2/25 KDG Field Trip to BA Library (9:45- 11:15 am Hayes/ Hillenbrand)

2/25 APE Swimming 12-2:15

2/28 Asset/ PBIS Mtg 12:30-4:00

3/1 Subject Leader Meeting 8:30 am

3/11-15 Aviation Station at Maple Dale

Note from the Office

Friday the 22nd select 4th grade students will be taking the NAEP test. The testing will take place in Mrs. Daley's classroom (902) and the Media Center.

Media Center specials (B day- Pioneers) will be divided among other Specials.

Please remind your students to be mindful of others testing and follow Hallway expectations.

Student Birthdays

  • 2/20 Nate Nesbitt
  • 2/20 Colin Korte
  • 2/20 Malani Young
  • 2/21 Katelyn Dunphy
  • 2/22 Ben Carreli
  • 2/22 Sophia Hopper
  • 2/22 Boaz Wolper
  • 2/22 Safa Habeeb

Staff Birthdays

  • 2/22 Beth Gaines
  • 2/24 Krissy Horner

Notes from Julie.....

The following information was sent home to families today. Please read the following in case you receive any questions from Parents/ Families:

We are well into the cold and Flu season. We only had a few cases of the Influenza (Flu) so far but we're trying very hard to limit the spread of all communicable diseases. We need your help in keeping your children and our entire school community healthy.

Please remind your children to be diligent with Hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes with the elbow/sleeve, not touching the nose/mouth/eyes, etc. Please, also refrain from sending children to school with a fever, excessive cough or runny nose. Our policy states to keep home for at least 24 hours after fever free. However, if your child was diagnosed with the Flu (Influenza) they may be contagions for up to 7-10 days from diagnosis. It would be best to keep them home for at least 5 more days from the diagnosis to allow complete recovery. Most students who return to school too soon not only risk other but they usually don't feel well and it may affect their learning.

To learn more about the Flu click on the links below:



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Got Mulch?

Girls High School Lacrosse is having their Annual Mulch Sale. Please see Yvette Hayes for more details.
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Guest Flight Crew

  • Jennifer Phoenix - Kim Marino
  • Lori Bregger - Kristina Wasson
  • Lauren Hoeltje - Cheryl Cooks
  • Cheryl Boon- Melanie Howard
  • Martina Chuey - (PM) Ashley Rosa
  • Brandon Moskowitz - Ex EA
  • Megan Chowning - Ex EA
  • Megan Sennett - Ex EA