Parent Lunch and Learn


January Champs of the Month

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6th grade: Cade & Kayleigh

7th grade: Jacob & Mallory (not pictured)

8th grade: Jace & Alliyah

Student Council Spring Fling March 3rd

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Dear Parents,

The Middle School Student Council is excited to host our first Spring Fling dance! While we realize there may be some “couples” we are encouraging them to just come and hang out with friends and have fun! We are not promoting a date situation.

The dance will take place on Saturday, March 3rd from 6-9pm in the cafeteria. Students may be dropped off and picked up in the front parking lot.

Things you can expect:

  • Students must adhere to dress code, but are welcome to dress in dressy casual attire. This is NOT a formal event.

  • Tickets are $3 and will be sold at school by student council members.

  • There will be a photo area set up for students to take selfies and pictures with their friends.

  • Snacks and drinks will be sold and prices will range from $.50-$1.00

  • Only White Oak Middle School students are invited and allowed to attend.

  • There will be plenty of teacher chaperones

  • Appropriate music will played and overseen by a staff member

We are looking forward to this fun social event and hope that you will allow your student to attend. For the safety of all students, only White Oak Middle school staff members will be allowed to attend the dance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Student Council Dance Committee Sponsor Brandi Fritsche at

Spring STARR Test Dates

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2017-2018 STAAR Testing Dates


April 10 Tuesday 7th Grade Writing 6/13/18

8th Grade Math 4/30/18

April 11 Wednesday 8th Grade Reading 4/30/18

~~~All Make-up sessions by end of day Friday, 4/13~~~

April 2-April 20 Assess. Window STAAR Alt 2 5/11/18

May 7-11 Assess. Window Algebra I 6/1/18

May 14 Monday 6th Grade Math 6/13/18

7th Grade Math 6/13/18

8th Grade Math Retest 6/5/18

May 15 Tuesday 6th Grade Reading 6/13/18

7th Grade Reading 6/13/18

8th Grade Rdg Retest 6/5/18

May 16 Wednesday 8th Grade Science 6/13/18

May 17 Thursday 8th Grade Social Studies 6/13/18

~~~All Make-up sessions by end of day Friday, 5/18~~~

June 26 Tuesday 8th Grade Math Retest 7/17/18

June 27 Wednesday 8th Grade Rdg Retest 7/17/18

Handwashing and Sanitizing Campaign

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The week of February 20th through 23rd Student Council is sponsoring a handwashing and sanitizing campaign. This cold and flu season has been one of the worst in recent history. In an effort to bring awareness to the importance of handwashing to reduce the spread of viruses we have planned several activities throughout the week.

· Signs will be posted in all student restrooms to remind them to wash their hands before they leave the room

· A table will be set up in the cafeteria near the current hand sanitizing dispenser with informational posters.

· Daily announcements will be made as reminders

· Tuesday – student council members will clean all door knobs on the middle school campus

· Wednesday – 2nd period teachers will receive one single use sanitizing wipe for each student. We ask that you have them first clean their hands, then wipe the surface of their desk.

· All teachers please spend a few minutes showing the students where the hand sanitizer dispenser is in your room and encourage them to use it.

Bullying & Cyberbullying

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Anti-Cyberbullying Toolkit

Interview with Emily Bazelon

Common Sense Media founder and CEO Jim Steyer, sat down with acclaimed author Emily Bazelon to talk about cyberbullying solutions and her new book "Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy."

Five Ways to Stop Cyberbullies

Cómo combatir el ciberbullying

Tech Club

TCEA 3D Design Contest

Author Skype with Chris Grabenstein

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