Fabulous First Grade in Rm. G3

Weekly News About 1st Grade in Mrs. Takeshita's Class

Sending my Thanks to All!

I wanted to thank all of the families who contributed to the class gift for me. I am grateful for how warm and generous you are! A big thank you goes out to Darya Zahra Eftekhari and Jaynee Wright, our room moms for organizing my teacher gift, a $100 Nordstroms gift card and a beautiful blanket scarf that I definitely used on my trip to Lake Tahoe over the winter break. Additionally, thank you to the many other families gave me cards with thoughtful notes and additional sweets, candles, perfumes, and gift cards to a variety of places that my family and I love to eat, see movies and shop. You are soooo kind to me! THANK YOU again!

Even though Christmas has come and gone, I want to share how blessed I feel to have such wonderful families supporting their child's learning in what you do every day to help your child be successful. Your support for their learning and my teaching doesn't go unnoticed. I am truly appreciative to be your child's teacher!

An Update on What We are Learning...


Unit 3 tests have been corrected and will be in your child's purple Trailblazer folder. Most students did well! We recently started unit 4 which starts off going over two digit numbers and a deeper understanding of the place value. As an adult, you learned to memorize the facts or count on your fingers. I am teaching your child strategies to make the numbers easier to deal with. For example, for the equation 8+6, some students just KNOW the answer but many students struggle a little. I try to show them ways to make the numbers easier to manage. For instance, I'll ask them to solve 8+ ___ = 10. This is what we call a friendly fact because usually (hopefully!) they know all the ways to make 10 (a friendly number since we have 10 fingers.) If they know it's 8+2 = 10 then we can break up 6 (the other addend from the original question into 2+4) and then add 8+2+4 (which is the same as 10 + 4) = 14 which is much easier to add than 8+6.


In class, the students have been practicing using their Retelling Sentence Strips to include more detail when they retell the story. Not only do students retell the beginning, middle and end but they also retell the characters, setting, problem and solution. We will practice this more in class this week, but please look for it in your child's black RAH bag. When your child finishes a guided reading book, please have them practice retelling that book using their Retelling Sentence Strip. If your child is reading longer books (with chapters) then do this for a chapter at a time. If your child has a non-fiction book, this retelling sentence strip won't work. In that case, as your child to retell three facts that they learned from their reading.


We wrote New Year's Goals in class and discussed how a resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to get better or to help others. Ask your child about his/her goal that they wrote!

Upcoming Dates to Add to your Calendar

Jan. 11 Black and Yellow Spirit Day

Jan. 12 Spelling Bee Pledge Sheets and Donations Due

Jan. 13 Professional Growth Day (no school)

Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

Jan. 18 Spellathon and last day for Principal's Challenge Round 1

Jan. 26 Principal's Challenge Reward (after school)

Feb. 20-24 Presidents Week Break

Feb. 27 Science Fair Drop Off of Projects

Feb. 28 Science Fair Viewing (2:30-3:00 and 5:30-7:00)