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Fri Sep 23 All day Professional Development Day­-No Students

Wed Sep 28 7:20am – 8:00am PIE Breakfast

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Important Info:

Character Word of the Week:

Integrity: The strength to be consistent between your values and your actions.

Challenge: Don't compromise your values by giving into temptation.


Our students have been doing amazing acts of kindness using ideas from our new board! You can see them all on twitter with #sycamorejhkindness

Gear Event:

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New Dress Code Policies:

While the style of clothing and personal appearance of each student generally is a matter of taste, some standards of dress and appearance are necessary. While we recognize that appearance is a matter of self-respect and a matter of respect of others, the faculty and administration have a responsibility and an obligation to enforce a dress code that provides for the students' health, personal hygiene, safety, and effective education.

Please note that these guidelines will be emphasized and strictly enforced at all school functions. Students are not permitted to wear the following:

  1. head coverings (with the exception of religious purposes), hats, hoods covering the head, or sunglasses

  2. see-through garments, exposed midriffs, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, low cut shirts that show cleavage, pajamas, lounge wear, house shoes/slippers or muscle shirts

  3. clothing that has an intimidating message or a disruption to class

  4. clothing that reveals undergarments

  5. makeup deemed excessive or distracting

  6. any potentially dangerous items, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, or items with sharp or protruding objects, exposed chains of any kind including but not limited to wallet chains

  7. hairstyles deemed as a distraction in a learning environment

  8. shorter length shorts and skirts

  9. articles of clothing which promote the use of any alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco products, or violence/weapons

  10. clothing which contains sexually suggestive language, pictures, inappropriate language, or gang related items

  11. any other dress or style that interferes with the educational process as deemed by the administration

Consequences for violations of the Dress Code could include, but are not limited to:

1st Offense - Student warning from an administrator / teacher and change of apparel from locker or nurse’s office

2nd Offense – Change apparel and receive detention

3rd & Subsequent - Repeated violations are considered insubordination and will result in more serious consequences.

Football Game Policy Reminder

Sycamore High School will host Hamilton High for the first official home game of the 2016-2017 football season on Friday, September 16. We are excited to welcome fans to another exciting year of Aves football.

The safety and security of our students, staff, and guests is our highest priority. As a reminder, no bags or opened bottles are permitted inside Sycamore Stadium.

We’d like to thank the Montgomery Police Department for their assistance at all home games. You may notice an increased police presence at Friday’s game in light of recent events at schools in the area. This is simply a precautionary measure to assure a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact any members of our administrative team, who will be wearing their official Sycamore identification badges. "

PTO Information:

Eat at City Barbeque and raise money for our group!

Please join us for a special fundraising event. 25% of your purchase will be donated back to our group!

Name of group: Sycamore Community Schools PTO Date of Fundraiser: Homecoming Weekend- Oct. 7th, 8th & 9th Participating Location: Blue Ash City Barbeque, 10375 Kenwood Rd.

Good all day on Dine In &Carry Out Orders Note: If ordering carry out for large groups, please use our Pig Up ‘n Go Menu.

Flyer must be presented at time of order to receive credit for the sale:


Flyers cannot be passed out on City Barbeque property. Fundraiser cannot be combined with other promotions or offers. Not valid on gift card purchases. Check out our menus and Order Online at We look forward to serving you to help raise money for your organization!

Student of the Week:

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Diviyashree Kasiviswanathan

Nominated by: Mrs. Allen

I would like to nominate Diviyashree Kasiviswanathan as Student of the Week for 9/12. Diviya is always prepared and ready to learn when the bell rings. She participates often and is always on task. She is very pleasant at all times and is a joy to have in class. I also appreciate her hard work and neat completion of all assignments.

Athletes of the Week:

This Week In Sports!

Monday 9/19

Boy’s Golf: vs Fairfield 4:00 Hartwell GC

Girl’s Golf: Practice 3:15-6:00 Tri-County Golf Ranch

Football: Practice 3:15-5:30

Cheerleading Practice 3:15-5:00

Boy’s Soccer: vs Princeton 4:30

Girl’s Soccer: Practice 3:15-5:00

CC: at Plains 4:30

Girl’s Tennis: at Kings 4:00 Green

Vs Nagel 4:00 Gold

Volleyball: Practice 3:15-5:00

Tuesday 9/20

Boy’s Golf: vs Kings 4:00 Hartwell GC

Girl’s Golf: vs Nagel 4:00 Armco

Football: Practice 3:15-5:30

Cheerleading Practice 3:15-5:00

Boy’s Soccer: vs Kings 6:00

Girl’s Soccer: vs Kings 4:30

CC Practice 3:15-5:00

Girl’s Tennis: Practice 3:15-5:00 Green

At Walnut Hill 4:00 Gold

Volleyball: at Rapid Run 4:30 (7) 5:30 (8) Green

Vs Fairfield 4:30 (7) 5:30 (8) Gold

Wednesday 9/21

Boy’s Golf: No Practice

Girl’s Golf: vs St Margaret of York 4:00 Armco

Football: at Princeton 5:30 (7th) 6:30 (8)

Cheerleading at Princeton 5:30 (7th) 6:30 (8)

Boy’s Soccer: Practice 3:15-5:00

Girl’s Soccer: Practice 3:15-5:00

CC Practice 3:15-5:00

Girl’s Tennis: vs Mason W 4:00 Green Team

At Mason G 4:00 Gold Team

Volleyball: Practice 3:15-5:00

Thursday 9/22

Boy’s Golf vs Colerain 4:00 Robin’s Nest GC

Girl’s Golf TBA

Football: Practice 3:15-5:30

Cheerleading No Practice

Boy’s Soccer Practice 3:15-5:00

Girl’s Soccer Practice 3:15-5:00

CC Practice 3:15-5:00

Girl’s Tennis at Fairfield 3:15-5:00 Green

Vs Princeton 4:00 Gold

Volleyball vs Fairfield 4:30 (8th) 5:30 Green

At Ridge 4:30 (8th) 5:30 Gold

Friday 9/23

Boy’s Golf: No Practice

Girls’ Golf: No Practice

Football No Practice

Cheerleading No Practice

Boy’s Soccer No Practice

Girl’s Soccer: No Practice

CC No Practice

Girl’s Tennis No Practice

Volleyball No Practice

Saturday 9/24

CC at Bellbrook 10:00 am

Boy’s Soccer at Walnut Hill 2:45

Girl’s Soccer at Walnut Hill 1:30

Registration Event 9/16

Join our Aviator Flight Fest registration event this Friday night at the home Varsity football game. Our registration team will be on site to sign you for our 5K and 10K race on October 1. Student registration is $30 and adults are $35 through September 19. Each racer also receives a "swag bag" filled with goodies from our sponsors and an awesome long sleeve t-shirt. Students will also be selling reverse raffle tickets for $10 each for a chance to win $1000 or $500 at the game.

For more information about our event go to

We look forward to seeing you at the starting line!

Parent Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of Parent Volunteers to help us with our upcoming Flight Fest Fundraiser! The event will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016. Please click the link below to see the sign up genius for the volunteers we still need. Please sign up in a slot marked "Parent Volunteer" as clubs and groups in our school will fill the other slots.

Thank you for your support!

Flight Fest Volunteer Sign Up:

Bid & Buy

The Flight Fest Bid and Buy needs YOU!! Do you have extra gift cards sitting around that you don’t need? Do you work for a company that can donate a basket? Do you own a business selling or making something? Do you have tickets to a sporting event that you could donate or would you just like to make a basket for donation? If you answered yes to any of those questions, please consider donating to our bid and buy. If you have any questions, please contact Deanna McKeown at