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Tress are very important because they give oxygen and they are food to animals like types of birds and koalas. Trees are also home to many animals,most birds are born and grow up in trees.

what to do

  1. we can help the trees by not them cutting down.
  2. Not buying as much timber.
  3. not using as much papper.

If we keep killing all our trees and letting all the animals die because they dont have any homes or much food,mabey Australias biodiversity might not be as big as it is in a few years.

Meet this family

This is Bob and May whith there little boy Bill.

They are getting very scared because all the trees around them have been chopped dowm and there worried that there tree is going to det choped down and they wont have a home.

Thanks For Reading

By Tara Collins 5/6C