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Issue #6 - Friday, November 9, 2018

The following is a true story from a Lakeville kindergarten classroom.

I was in a kinder classroom in order to observe a Digital Learning Specialist (DLS) teaching kinders how to use Seesaw for the first time. I set up an iPad on a desktop, hit record and walked away in order to observe the lesson. The lesson went well, the kids were engaged and the learning targets were met. I shared the video with the DLS who sent me this frame grab that she pulled from the video:
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Benchmark Demonstration Lessons are coming!

As we look forward to the Benchmark demo lessons next week, we wanted to give some clarification on how it could fit with your TDE e-folio.

1. The total experience involved with these demos and follow up discussions can earn participants CEUs - this qualifies these experiences as a PD Activity members can reflect on for TDE.

2. Also, because the consultant is demonstrating lessons that include instructional methods, materials, resources, and activities that engage students in the learning process, a member can reference attending a demo lesson as one of their observations of a peer in the Peer Feedback Reflection section.

Here's the link for the schedule of Benchmark demonstration lessons.

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Clever Water Bottle Idea

This is from a third grade classroom teacher who was tired of water bottles being kicked on the floor, water bottles spilling on desks, students asking to go to their lockers to get their water bottles, etc. Using zip ties and packing tape, she secured bicycle water bottle holders to each student chair. Problems solved!
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Current Best Practice Regarding your Classroom Walls

This Edutopia article asks a pertinent question: Are your classroom decorations helping or hindering instruction? Here were my big take-aways:
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