How to survive a ZOMBIE ATTACK

Valuable Survival Guide by Hammad Anwar

Surviving the Zombie Invasion in the Rocky Mountains Region

Description: The Rocky Mountains stretches from Alaska to New Mexico. Younger and taller than rugged and pointy. Contains the continental Divide.

Rating: the ratings are that this guide will be helpful through your survival.

Explanation: how to survive the zombie invasion 1 weapons of course, 2 it's a scientific fact to stay on far and high land.3 if there's a horde of zombies if they can't see you, snipe them with the sniper gun you hide somewhere far where they can't see you the gun has a telescope built into it so you could see them from a far distance then you could shoot them without being spotted.

Top instuctors are find YOUR way to live and survive.

The ways to stay calm, never be afraid,and fight to the end