Promotion Pals Invitation

Walking With You To Promote To Team Leader!!!

A Mentoring Program Designed Just For You!

You have been invited to take part in this exciting opportunity because you have the talent, commitment and desire to take your business to the next level by Promoting to Team Leader.

Your participation in this program is a two-way commitment between you and your promotion pal group/leader. We are accountable to one another we agree to the following

As a Consultant with the desire to promote to Team Leader you agree to:

  • CAST VISION: Develop a clear vision about why you started and what you want your business to create in your life.
  • JOYFUL & POSITIVE MINDSETS: Show up for yourself, your business, and your promotion pal group on at least one Group Call or Zoom Hangout each week.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING/FOLLOW THROUGH: Complete in full all assignments and exercises laid out by the leaders/coaches.
  • ENCOURAGE: Participate in the Promotion Pal Facebook group offering support and feedback to other members in your group.
  • TIME & ENERGY: Schedule 6-8 parties/month. Have 4-6 recruiting conversations.
  • BELIEVE & NOT QUIT: Recognize there will be challenges and roadblocks, but commit to finding a solution and persevere to achieve your promotion. No excuses!

As a Leader of a Consultant striving to promote to Team Leader

  • I will partner with you in your growth.
  • I will give you valuable information that will increase the success of your business.
  • I will provide a weekly/bi-weekly coaching call designed to support you in your development.
  • I will continue to remind you of what you want with your business and hold you accountable to your commitment to promote.


Some of our Top Coaches

Resources Available To You

EXCLUSIVE Promotion Pal Facebook Group

This group will offer daily support, motivation, brainstorming and connection for the members of our group.

Sunday Night Promotion Pal Call @ 8:30pm CST

Call In #: (641) 715-3655; Paticipant Code: 182629

Join in this and/or the Tuesday Promotion Pal Zoom each week. Commit to at least once per week!

Monday Night at 8:30pm CST: Facebook Opportunity Event.

Not sure what to say to people who are interested in the business? No worries! We have that covered! Simply invite them to join us in this No Pressure way to learn more about the business and ask questions with experience consultants and leaders available.

Tuesday Promotion Pal Zoom at 11:00am CST

Go to and create an account. The zoom meeting ID will be posted in our Promotion Pal Facebook Group each week. Join in weekly to get to network, learn and ask questions with your fellow Promotion Pal members and experienced leaders committed to help you along your promotion journey!

Wednesday Night at 9:00pm CST: Promo Bound Facebook Training

Each week we will address a different aspect of the business that will equip and empower you to take your business to the next level of leadership!

Life's More Fun As a Team Leader!!!

Not to mention the extra pay raise, but being a Team Leader has SO many extra perks like ALR (our leadership retreat in January) and extra fun before convention in the summer! Can't wait to have you join us!