Calling all Gadget Girls

Get ready to create, connect and innovate!

Bring your super hero girl powers and join the fun!

For those of your that haven't met me I'm Mrs Sibson, you’ll find me in the Library and e-Learning Centre or popping in and out of classrooms. I’m in on a Tuesday and Thursday discovering and sharing ways to use techie tools. I’m a bit of a Google girl and love playing around with Google apps!

I’m really keen to work with whizzy girls interested in having a bit of fun and getting creative. It would be great to get a group of gadget girls together to play with different tools to create, connect and innovate! I don’t want to call this as a club or label it in anyway - it really will be up to those interested to shape this.

First Meeting...

Let's meet Thursday 21st at the beginning of period 4 and chat about launching something fantastic!

If you are interested please fill in this form:


When: Thursday 21st August

Where: WV104 (Mrs Ardagh's room)

Who: Anyone interested....

What: Please bring your lunch and your 'gadget' - Ipad, Laptop, phone...