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Letter from the Editor by:Sean A.

This is the Innovators news.We did turkey pont of view last week and it was about if you were a why shouldn't you get picked for thankksgiveing.We also did are Northeast region test.I hope you like all the stuf Innovators news did.Editor out.

Turkey Project by:Jonathan and Josh G.

The Turkey project was fun, we had to convince the farmer ( Mrs. Sutton ) to not pick us with three reasons and back up the reasons why. That's why We think that the turkey project was fun.

Reading Cornor on Eight Keys By:Anna and Bethany

Hi everyone we are going to tell you about Eight Keys. Eight Keys is all about a girl who's parents died when she was very young. She does not know that there are eight keys. Each key will unlock the past ,what will they open?

Nathaniel fundraiser poem By: Lauren Piron

Shine bright for Nathaniel

it's a good cause

shine bright for Nathaniel

give him a round of applause ! ! ! ! ( this was on Halloween )

We gave people lumanaries and asked if they would put canned goods to replace the sand and also stock the Ronald Mcdoald pantry. Thank you to all the people who participated it was a great success!

Spotlight on Gift drive by. Madelyn and Mason

Hi. Welcome to spotlight on Gift drive. St. Johns County has need of possible gifts, including new and unwrapped toys, learning aids, games, books, themed blankets and pillows, gift cards and art supplies. Last day to bring in gifts is Dec 18th. We hope you donate a gift or two!

Sutton Scoop

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are back in the swing of things in room 830.

If your child is not in the habit of checking Edmodo, please give them a reminder. There is a lot of great information on there. Information for all our tests is on Edmodo as well.

The end of the nine weeks is December 18th.

We will be having a book exchange on December 17th. Students may bring any third grade appropriate book. Please wrap them. We are not exchanging names (the students will be doing a fun activity with the exchange) so no need to write a name on it. :)

We will have two Science tests next week - one on Tuesday and one on Friday. The study guide for the first is on Edmodo and the second will be up early next week.

Have a wonderful weekend. I will see the kids back on Monday. :)