Farm Update

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We have a FARM!

Ho'ola Veteran Services 501(C)3 is proud to announce that we officially have land courtesy of Kamehameha Schools/ Bishop Land Trust!! The Ho'ola team has been busy developing a comprehensive farm plan to create a permaculture farm where veterans, their families and the community can learn sustainable agriculture methods together.

Ho'ola Farms will consist of a wandering path, an education center, individual grade plots, orchards, reflecting ponds, and a park-like experience that allows veteran and community farm-member families to come together in a safe environment to grow their relationships and to cultivate learning opportunities and experiences living while growing food.

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Ho'ola Farms WANTS YOU!

Ho'ola Farms: Growing Hawai'i's Heroes program welcomes veterans who have served in any branch of the United States Military (U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard), their families and the community to volunteer in any aspect of Ho'ola Farms "Hands On" learning and wellness efforts through various projects at the farm. Crating a safe, supportive place to feel purposeful and peaceful is what you'll find at Ho'ola Farms. Please contact us TODAY at or email

The future of Ho'ola Farms

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Farm Objectives:

• Offer a viable alternative to monoculture systems by showcasing small-scale systems based on natural ecosystems

• Restore a degraded piece of sugar land into a microbial-rich organic food forest

• Develop an Ag learning center, whose graduates have access to a plot on the farm

• Make proper use of available natural resources, working with nature and not against it

• Incorporate small livestock, bees and fisheries in a holistic and unobtrusive way

• Join the vibrant Hawaiian agri-tourism industry, offering tourists a unique experience

Growing Hawai’i’s Heroes will create:

An Atmosphere of Peace -- The Wandering Path will soothe the soul as you stroll along

• Education -- hands on fun, interactive with workshops & ongoing learning

• Food -- an abundant and diverse array of healthy organic products, raw & value-added

• Soil health -- Increased and enhanced microbial soil life

• Economic vitality -- Job opportunities and an entrepreneurial incubator

• Personal well-being – the body-mind-spirit sense of wellness that farming provides

Main Farm Design Components include:

· Circling Walking Path throughout entire property

· Food Forest Guilds on both sides of the walking path

· Entrance & Garden Community Map

· Learning Center

· Small Individual Plots

· Reflection Ponds

· Hard Wood Forest

· Livestock

· Public use and picnic spaces

· Parking and bathrooms

Contributions & Goods Donations:

Do you have a product or service you would like to donation or contribute? Have a skill you would like to share with the team? Contact us today!

What we need:

Materials (used and new!):

  • Startup tools – gloves, shovels, picks, o’o bar, hoe-daddy, sickles,

Pots / seeding trays

  • Building / construction materials – WE love to recycle!
  • Seeds / starts/ trees – Clean Stock!
  • Soil Amendments


  • Community volunteers
  • Corporate/club work day commitments (one day a year/ one day a month/ twice a year etc.)
  • Services – grant writers, tree trimmers etc.

Funds for:

  • Hiring a Vet for a year! Salary
  • Management of project
  • Equipment
  • Marketing / advertising
  • Pond Creation

In the works...

Award-winning documentary Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields producers just released a teaser for their next film The New Normal. Click HERE to watch