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Technology PD Sessions on Thursdays @ 3:15pm

What's on this Thursday?

Three Ring - This app you can load on your own smartphone (Android or iPhone) or use one of the school iPads to collect and store student work samples in one easy to access location. Simply take a photo, video, record audio or even upload documents to create electronic portfolios on each of your students. Come along to the 5/6C classroom to see how it works, set up an account and see if you like what it offers.

Webtool of the Week - Thinglink

Thinglink let's you turn an ordinary picture into an interactive image in just a few clicks. Create an interactive image that teaches your students and provides direct links to websites where they can gain more information. Click on the triangle image below to see how it works.

App of the Week - Strip Designer

Strip designer and Comic Strip are comic making apps available on our iPads. Obviously there are a lot of ways this can be used in the classroom during Literacy sessions. However, it's also a great way for students to present their ideas and findings during mathematics. Why not grab an iPad, walk around the school adn find examples of patterns, angles, lines, shapes etc. back in the classroom students can insert these images into strip designer and add text to demonstrate what they have found. Below is an example recently shared by teacher, Bianca Audet, on Yammer.

Websites of the Week